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"It's a wonderous thing how the wild calms the child."


Wasatch Nature School

Learning from the world around us​​


Why Nature School?

When children are out in nature, all of their senses are activated. They are immersed in something bigger than themselves. They are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, & even tasting. Out in nature, a child's brain has the chance to rejuvenate, naturally building their attention span, sparking curiosity, wonder, and imagination, and nurturing their peace of mind all at the same time. Could there be a better way to learn and grow? We don't think so.

Leadership Team

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Brit Murdock


Energetic, organized, and driven, Brit Murdock created Wasatch Nature School to offer a unique, outdoor learning experience for families in the community who were looking for something a bit different from traditional schooling.  Brit is passionate about more green time and less screen time and has a great love for child development, child advocacy, and nature immersion.


Carlie Davis

Executive Director

Loved by students and staff alike, Carlie brings knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, creativity, and joy to Wasatch Nature School.  She strives for excellence in everything she does and has a deep passion for nature immersion and early childhood education. She loves the  Wasatch Nature School Community of children, parents, caregivers, and staff and continues to find ways to inspire them to get outside for joyful learning experiences! She's excited for her new role as the Executive Director and pushing the Mission and Vision of WNS forward!

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Melissa Thornock

Teacher Manager

Thoughtful, organized, and detail-oriented, we are thrilled to have Melissa on the WNS leadership team. Melissa is always excited to find creative solutions to problems and share her expertise and talents! She works tirelessly all year to support our teachers, so they can support your little ones in the best possible way! Melissa is passionate about nature education and helping our staff fine-tune their craft as a nature education teachers in a non-traditional learning environment.  We LOVE Melissa!


Mirisha Bogardus

Social Media Specialist and Event Coordinator

Detail-oriented and creative, Mirisha is our social media guru and plans year-long wonderful events for the Wasatch Nature School families!  Mirisha is the WNS "energizer bunny" always working to perfect her skills and share the joys of nature education with the community. Mirisha is passionate about nature education and inspiring families. We love having Mirisha at Wasatch Nature School!


A Day at Wasatch Nature School

Arrival and Opening Activity: 15 minutes

During the first 15 minutes of class children will be presented with loose parts to engage with until all children have arrived.

Opening Circle: 15 minutes

Our little explorers are invited to gather for a brief opening circle time with joyful and playful singing, music, movement, yoga, stretching, and connection.  Children will get to share thoughts with one another and spend a few joyful minutes together building class community and connecting through music, silly songs, and mindfulness practices.

Literacy, Cultures, and Music: 40 minutes

Our little explorers meet with their Literacy Teachers to be naturally exposed to concepts in all areas of early and age-appropriate literacy as well as just a pinch of exposure to different cultures, peoples, and customs. Our little explorers will also be introduced to the wonderful music of the greats, all through facilitated and free-choice play! Children's literature and storytelling is included in the lineup daily!


Snack Time/Rest Time/Free Choice: 15-20 minutes

Science, Art, and Math: 40 minutes

The other part of their day little explorers will meet with their Science teachers to experience hands-on learning in all different seasonal, nature-based subjects through age-appropriate experiments, exploration of materials and tools, sensory tables, nature walks, nature immersion, and wonder, and simple games,  all through facilitated and free-choice play. Children's literature is included in the lineup daily.

Closing Circle: 15 minutes

Our little explorers are invited to gather back together for another round of handwashing, a bit of mindfulness, joyful music, and reflection while they wait for parent pickup.


Contact Us

If there’s anything you’d like to know about our program or curriculum, please get in touch.

Vineyard Location

Gammon Park

70 S Holdaway Rd

Orem, UT 84059

Provo Location:

4150 W Center Street

Provo, UT 84601

(801) 618-1200

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