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Parent Reviews

"Wasatch Nature School has been such a blessing in our family’s life. My little 4 year old is so excited to go every time. I love that it is such a well rounded school, especially emphasizing nature. I have always loved being outside with my kids, but have been too quick to stop going outside when it’s a little cold. I love how the teachers have the kids bundle up in the winter, wear rain boots in the fall/spring, and teach the kids all of the seasons and the different things going on outside all year.  My daughter loves coming home and telling me what she saw outside with the plants and animals. She even teaches me things I didn’t know.  And top of all of this, the teachers still are up to par with normal preschools in academics! My daughter knows all of her letter sounds and counts all the time. She’s so close to being ready to read, and she still has another year of preschool before kindergarten!  We love Wasatch Nature School and I will keep my daughter there next year for sure and enroll my other daughter as well!!!!"

- Aubin Palmer

"I've recently been reading more and more about the importance of outside time for children (and adults!) for physical and mental health, so I love that the children spend time outside every class day. My girls have also learned so much about plants and animals: they've identified lichen and Canada Geese on family hikes and walks, and explained bat echolocation to me on the way home from school!"

- Catherine Eslinger

“This is the coolest preschool! My son loves it! They learn by exploring nature and by playing! They have fun and creative activities each school day. The teachers are kind and genuinely love the kids. I'm so happy we found this school!”

- Brooke Barnes

“Children love to be outside and not cooped up. Having school in nature has been the best thing for my children. All of the staff are wonderful. Wasatch nature school not only focuses on education but helps each of my children grow in other ways. I highly

recommend for all your littles... and the Advanced Nature Study for older children.”

- Mirisha Bogardus

"I have sent 5 of my children through Wasatch Nature School's program and cannot recommend it highly enough.  The teachers are caring and creative and the curriculum is outstanding.  I always feel like I know what is going on with my child and can't wait to hear the enthusiasm about each day's lesson plans.  Plus I love the photos that the teachers send after class!  Having a place where my child can spend their days outside and be completely prepared to enter kindergarten... I couldn't be more impressed."

- Anonymous

"My son has loved his time at Nature School and has learned so much! I love how they combine academic learning with learning about nature and teaching kids to appreciate the environment. The teachers and staff have been so supportive and caring and especially with the pandemic I really loved having an option for him to learn while staying outdoors. You can't go wrong with learning while being active and getting fresh air. We have enjoyed preschool here so much we can't wait for summer camp and to continue on with their new Forest Kindergarten program in the fall."

-Kimberl Rudebeck

"Great staff and very warm and loving learning environment. They gave my kids (and myself) confidence to be outdoors more often."

-Dani Stoneman

"We love Wasatch Nature School so much that we had to do it a second year! We opted for it instead of daily public kindergarten because the experience of hands-on learning in nature is so valuable at this age. The activities are thoughtful, the teachers kind and engaged, and overall a wonderful place for kids to be."
-Kathryn Glenn 

"Wasatch Nature School has been amazing for my kids! Each has loved the connection they have with nature and being outside in all wonderful weather! I love the wonder I hear from my kid as she tells me that her preschool ceiling is the sky and the floor is grass and dirt! Along with being in nature, my kids have learned letters, sharing, and a love for great books (to just name a few things)!  This preschool was just what we needed!"


"We love Nature School! I have sent both of my kids here and they can't get enough. The teachers are so invested and truly care so much about the kids. My 3 year old asks every morning if she gets to go to school today. Thank you Wasatch Nature School for showing our kids that nature has so much to offer us and can enrich a childs life everyday! Get outside and learn!"

-Lindsay Nebeker

"We have absolutely loved our experience with WNS. The teachers are warm, creative, and really get to individually know your child. Every day my son comes home with enthusiasm for what he's learned. I think the neatest thing is when he randomly breaks into song or demonstrates knowledge that I had no idea he had retained from his classes. It's all because of his valuable time at WNS. Plus there are so many fun and unique family events. It's an incredible community we have loved being a part of. This is definitely how children are meant to be learning!"

-Rachel Mcbride

"We weren’t sure whether our anxious emotional daughter would thrive in a school environment. Bit of separation anxiety for me and her.
We wanted a school who recognized each student's needs, not just academics (although academics are important). A friend recommended WNS and we feel the teachers have nurtured our daughter and being outdoors with a fun interactive program has been the best thing. She has only missed two days of school and was inconsolable as she wanted to go despite being sick. She has grown in confidence to be almost unrecognizable!

We LOVE our experience at Wasatch Nature School. Miss Bailey and Ms. Kristy should get teacher of the year awards as they are just the sweetest people I could imagine."

-Brittany Rancie

"Wasatch Nature School is the kind of school I wish I could have gone to as a kid.  The grass is the carpet, the sky is the ceiling, and every day is a new outdoor adventure.  I love how this school fills children to the brim with a love for nature and taking care of the earth. I also like how the teachers incorporate quality books and meaningful hands-on activities into the daily routine. At Wasatch Nature School kids can learn to problem solve in creative ways and truly thrive as individuals.  


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