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Wilderness Explorers

Join the adventure!

This class is intended for children ages 6-11.  Children will immerse themselves in the magical woods of the Provo River Trail Campground with an emphasis on Survival Skills, Exploring, Nature Topics, Nature Journaling, Group Projects, Observation, Seasonal Celebrations, and so much more!


Language Arts: 

Students will be encouraged to work in their nature journals by drawing, painting, or writing about the topic of study for the week and what they observe in nature around them. Books and storytelling will be connected to class themes, which follow the natural rhythm of nature.

*Please note that we meet each child where they are and don't expect more from them than what is developmentally appropriate.  



The class will spend time outside in all seasons directly observing and learning about animals, plants, insects, weather, the water cycle, seeds, rocks, minerals and SO MUCH MORE all through hands-on activities. 

Survival Skills:

The children will learn skills including knife safety and whittling, fire safety and fire building, water purification, bushcraft, shelter building, compass and navigation, knot tying, and all the age-appropriate basics of wilderness survival!


Space is limited to 12 students, ages 6-11

TUESDAYS and/or Thursdays

12:30 - 2:30

(serving children who are homeschooling)

(Can choose 1 or 2 days a week)


3:15 - 5:15

(serving children who are homeschooling or in public school)

September - May

1 day a week: $115/month

2 days a week: $230/month

Reserve now and pay later by selecting the 'Semester' Pricing Option and choosing a Payment Plan!  Take advantage of the Early Bird 50% discount off the Registration Fee now through March 1st!


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