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"Let them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed
which will be a source of delight and habit through life..."
-Charlotte Mason-

Our curriculum is an up-and-coming program that combines the philosophies
of all of our favorites:
Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Charlotte Mason. 

This curriculum includes nature walks and observation, songs, story-telling, poetry and nursery rhymes, art and music appreciation, an introduction to people and cultures, nature-inspired celebrations for each solstice, equinox, and cross-quarter day,  a moon curriculum, age-appropriate introductions to letters and the sounds they make, real-life early mathematical concepts through contextual and intentional "math-talk", and hands-on experiences inspired by the outdoors.  

Wildlings Academy follows the natural rhythms of nature and helps us to zero in just a bit on those natural occurrences.  We notice and wonder about robins when the robins are in abundance during the onset of Spring.  We notice and wonder about spiders when they are in abundance building glorious webs all throughout our greenspace. We notice and wonder about the coming of the fall season as leaves are falling all over our outdoor classroom. We hunt for mushrooms in the fall and spring when they are naturally growing.


Wildlings Academy shares our belief that CHILDHOOD IS PRECIOUS and short and that growing up is not to be rushed.  The curriculum is full of magic and imagination and contains the perfect balance of gentle academic and explorative learning and we couldn't be more excited to bring the community this new, and exciting way of learning by Wildlings Academy!

We believe passionately that the best classroom is one with no ceiling and no walls where children have freedom and space to spread out, explore, wonder, and follow their curiosity about the world around them. Lessons are teacher-led, but also open-ended allowing children to ask important questions and take the lesson where their curiosity guides them. 

Topics are seasonally inspired and cover developmentally appropriate activities in Literacy, Cultures, Music, Science, Art, and Math!

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