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We understand that many Wasatch Nature School families may have concern about the upcoming school year and how these programs may be affected by COVID-19.  We have communicable disease control plans in place that will be revised as needed as additional guidance is provided.  We will continue to make new updates as new information becomes available.

Some of our current strategies for preventing the spread of communicable disease and illness including COVID-19 include:

-Building a culture that takes health and hygiene seriously in an age-appropriate and playful way through the use of poems, games, etc.​

-Modeling and enforcing appropriate sneezing and coughing behavior. Coughing into the elbow and shoulder, not into hands or open air. 

-Implementing social distancing strategies by using appropriately spaced sit spots and outstretched arms to ensure our staff and students are keeping a safe distance from one another.

-Frequent hand washing and sanitizing. All staff will carry small hand sanitizer containers that will be used throughout the day. Handwashing with soap and water will be scheduled throughout the day as well.

-Pre-class screenings. We will ask that students with any illness to please stay home, as well as students who have been exposed to a person who is suspected to have contracted coronavirus.

-Shared supplies will be sanitized at the end of each day (buckets, clipboards, sit spots, magnifying glasses, etc.)

-Bathrooms will be sanitized each day.

-Students will be required to bring a nut-free healthy snack from home each day.  Snack sharing will not be permitted. 

-All classes take place outdoors to help limit the spread of germs. 

There are many fun and engaging ways to teach children about preventing the spread of germs. We will implement games, songs, stories, and hands-on (or hands-off) activities that will reinforce behavior that can minimize the spread of contagious diseases. 

We will continue to make updates as time continues. Check here for the most up to date information.

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