Academic TA; MWF AM's
Provo; Starts Immediately

Indoor position dealing with lessons primarily in math, literacy and phonics


The primary responsibility of a Teacher's Aide is to help the head teacher in the execution and comprehension of her lessons so that the students can better enjoy what is being offered to them.  To accomplish this goal, responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

-Assisting or leading games/stations/activities/etc planned by the head teacher

-Apprehending the head teacher's needs when circumstances arise with: children needing help in the bathroom, behavioral problems, emotional children, helping with safety precautions, etc.

-Side work such as: cleaning, filing, attendance, taking pictures for social media, managing backpacks and winter gear, organizing supplies, etc.

-Attending all location-specific events in August

-Attending monthly team meetings

-Helping with the planning of 3 yearly school events: Parent Orientation, Spring Festival and Graduation/Advancement Ceremonies

-Must be able to pass a background check

-Position Details: 

Provo Location

Hours: M, W, F 9:30-12:00; Expected Arrival: 9:15

September-May: $330/month

*Indoor year round

It is expected that you will be on location at least 5 mins prior to the beginning of the student drop off window and will remain on location until the last child is picked up.  Side work such as cleaning and teacher meetings/trainings (once per month) will be held outside of normal teaching hours without additional compensation.


9 month position

The Vineyard location will follow the Alpine School District calendar while the Provo location will follow the Provo School District calendar.  The only exception is for Thanksgiving when both locations take the whole week off instead of 2 days.  Specified training dates in August are mandatory for all employees.

-Other Benefits:

6 paid snow/sick/vacation days *for which you must find a qualified sub; more than 6 will result in a $35 deduction in pay per day

50% tuition discount for 1 slot, transferable but not redeemable for cash


(801) 618-1200

Vineyard Location:

908s. Fairway Lane

Vineyard, UT 84059

Provo Location:

3606 W. Center Street

Provo, UT 84601

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