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Marketing Manager

Starts February 2020

Flexible position focused on student acquisition and retention


The primary responsibility of Wasatch Nature School’s Marketing Manager is to acquire and retain students.  To accomplish this goal, responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

-Creative year-round marketing

-Willingness to represent and promote Wasatch Nature School in a variety of settings

-Social Media Management

-Ad Campaign Management

-Properly spend yearly marketing budget

-Willing to substitute teach or TA an average of 2.5 days/month

-Attend all location-specific events in August

-Attend monthly team meetings

-Help with the planning of 3 yearly school events: Parent Orientation, Spring Festival and Graduation/Advancement Ceremonies

-Must be able to pass a background check

-Position Details: 

Set your own hours

Base pay: $150/month starting in March 2020

Monthly commissions as follows based upon enrollment:

0-67 students (70%) - $150 base pay

68-77 students (71-80%) - $25/month per tiered student

78-86 students (81-90%) - $30/month per tiered student

87-95 students (91-99%) - $50/month per tiered student

96 students (100%) - $100/month per tiered student

-Position will be mainly home-based but require some in-class and event participation


12 month position

The Vineyard location will follow the Alpine School District calendar while the Provo location will follow the Provo School District calendar.  The only exception is for Thanksgiving when both locations take the whole week off instead of 2 days.  In-class attendance not necessary for marketing manager position except for in cases of substitute teaching.  Specified training dates in August are mandatory for all employees.

-Other Benefits:

50% tuition discount for 1 slot, transferable but not redeemable for cash

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